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Submitted by admin on Sat, 12/09/2015 - 08:46

Dear Satbir,
After a lot of deliberation I have decided to write this mail to you. I am extremely pained by the news that UFESM is no more the body it was as IESL has pulled out. You know I was the happiest person when the meeting on 6 Jun had announced the formation of this united body to take up issues as a united body. It had been my dream since 2009 that such a body should be formed. Unfortunately, the dream lasted only 3 months. Today I heard that there are three 'fronts' now, including one by the opportunist Col Khera of Sanjha Morcha. Thank heavens our "Chairman Emeritus" is not part of anyone of the factions.
I feel that as you have taken the lead role for these past few weeks, you have to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that all the components of the alliance get due say in decision making. A group of 3-4 four people cannot disregard the views of other members of the front. You have lead the campaign so far beautifully and you have kept politics out of the way. But I now totally disagree with the clamour being made by some short sighted people to take on BJP, in an indirect way, before the Bihar elections. You too have been saying that UFESM will tell people in Bihar not to vote for promise breakers, a direct hint at BJP.
You must remember that BJP is in power and still has the reins in its hands. If it feels slighted or thinks that you have made a difference in the election results you will have to deal not only with our "friends" the babus and Jaitley but the entire ruling party and the government. If that happens then it will amount to shooting oneself in the foot and we can kiss OROP goodbye! Think about it, the present dispensation is the most favourable entity for ex servicemen, antagonising it will do tremendous harm to our aim. Please change course and get everyone on board as before. Our opponents are looking forward to the split among us like vultures. Please do not play into their hands.
Looking forward to a change in approach, otherwise a campaign carried out so well so far will come to nought.
Satish Bahri
Lt Gen SK Bahri PVSM
A3/502 World Spa East
Sector 30/41
Gurgaon 122001
Tele 0124 4143180/181
Mob +91 981000 2800

_________________(Till Now Copied from Face book account of SK Pandey)___________________

Our Views:
     We accept the fact that athe OROP announcement has somany ambiguities , and the government is willingly addressing them, Often adding more confusion. but it is responding. we also respect the demand of written orders. What worries the larger section of the exservicemen accross the contry is that self glorification and politicising the esm feelings. Leaders are using this as a launch pad for their politicaarrier. Before announcement of OROP,yes,every esm was interested in campaigning against the incumbant. But now the situation is different , leaders cannot act against the wishes of the larger section of ESM. bringing Civilians with d help of Political party is not going to impress the ESM. A leader who doesnot respond to the organisation Governing body has to be thrown out or atleast to be disassociated with. ESM doesnot want anti rally at BIHAR