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Pension Pay Officer, Chennai

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Submitted by admin on Mon, 26/12/2016 - 05:16

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Spoke to Pension pay Officer yesterday and learnt that It is amatter concerned with Directorate of treasuary accounts.Given mail to Dirctorate of trasuary AND Accounts.Spoke today(30 Dec) .Recd assuarence that on monday necessary action will be taken .Order for payment of arrears will be sent to all treasuries.

K krishnamoorthy

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 Sec Suprindent Confirmed thar instructions for payment of arrears pertaining to Cir 568 and 570 already given. However Fresh instruction will be given to all trasuries in Tamilnadu . So veterans may approch respective branches after two days,


K Krishnamoorthy

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IT is confirmed by many veterans that instructions for Payment of arrears have been received by respective branches. Some are finding difficulty in calculation. They can be helped by our veterans for early n correct payment. K Krishnamoorthy