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​Dear Gen Rawat This is with reference to the statements made by you yesterday at Pune.

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Submitted by admin on Sun, 07/05/2017 - 16:28
​Dear Gen Rawat
This is with reference to the statements made by you yesterday at Pune.
I feel the you have  spoken out of turn. I doubt you had the concurrence of the other two chiefs on this statement of yours. In what capacity did you make the statement of behalf of the other two services? You are not the  Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff committee. To that expend i hope these are your personal views and those of the service Chiefs.
There has been some adverse reaction and comments on the statement and i am reproducing some of them.I have blanked out the ones that i feel can not be reproduced considering the position you hold but i assure you they don't sing praises of you.
You seem to think  the status of Defence forces is higher than others.I suppose you are excluding the IAS. Pls look  at the table below and tell us where our status is higher than the others. Status is linked to not
rank  but unfortunately basic salary and also what is given as perks and allowances.

Officers Equations with Civil


Civil Grade


Junior Time Scale

Junior to Captain

Equal to Captain

2/ Lt, Lt and Capt clubbed by 3rd CPC

Senior Time Scale

Equal to Captain

Equal to Major


Selection Grade/ Non-Functional Selection Grade (SG/ NFSG)

Equal to Major

Senior to Major



Army Ranks (Clerical Cadre) vis-à-vis Civilian (Clerical Cadre)

Sepoy, Lance Naik, Naik and Havildar

Lower Division Clerk

Naib Subedar (Gazetted Rank)


Upper Division Clerk (With less than five years service) (Non Gazetted Post)

Subedar (Gazetted Rank)

Upper Division Clerk (With more than five years’ service),and Office Supdt Grade -II (Both, Non Gazetted Posts)

Subedar Major (Gazetted Rank)


Office Superintendent Grade-I

(Non Gazetted Post)


Edge in Pay and Pensions of Defence Forces over Civilian Employees Globally


Ser No


Notional Edge in salary as service pay or special allowance for military service

Pension Scale with notional edge for military service




50% of pay and same is depressed by 6 to 24% in respect of Lt Col & below ranks constituting 90% of the manpower strength of the Defence Forces.


Allowances Defence and Civil Comparison

Type of Allowance

Civilian Employee


Disabled Employees



(a)  Protection of Service





(b)  Pay and Allowances








(c)  Pension




(c)    Right to life of dignity of self and family


Govt has to retain them till 60 yrs under Disability Act


Full protection under Section 47 of the Act.Will not be discharged on account of disability.


Full pay and allowances admissible till the age of 60 even if unable to attend any official duty.  Can even be kept on supernumerary post and paid all pay and allowances.


Entitled to full service length till superannuation and pension thereafter.


Full pay and pension and complete Government protection/cover with entitled facilities Admissible to dependents

Invalided (Thrown) out of service immediately


Defence Forces exempted from operation of Section 47.  Hence no protection of employment available in case of disability.

Employee can be discharged on account of disability.

Nil Admissible






Nil Admissible




 Nil.  No facilities or protection for self and dependents



Increase in Pension of highest rank employee from 1973 to 2006


108 times

Highest Civilian Functionary Pension

1973  - Rs 416.50/-pm

2006  - Rs 45000/-pm

45 times

Highest Def Rank Pension


 1973 -  Rs 1000/-pm

 2006 -  Rs 45000/-pm


Period of Service


Upto60 years of age


85% compulsorily retired between 35 -37 years age.

12-13% compulsorily  retired between 40-54 years age

Career Progression


Three Promotions at 10,20,30 years of service


Three promotion at 8, 16, 24 years of service.

85% compulsorily retired at 15-17 years’ service; thereby denied 3rd career progression

Officer’s Promotion opportunities


100% Joint Secy at 16-18 years’ Service

100% AddlSecy  at 32 years’ Service

1% Maj Gen at 32-33 years of service.

3% Lt Gen 33-35years


Non-functional Upgradtion (NFU)


•       JS Pay at approx22 yrs.

•       Addl Secy Pay at 32yrs





I felt the same way today when I read the news.It is totally illogical . By what logic our status will get downgraded if we get NFU. Rather as the things stand our status gets downgraded if we do not get NFU. Indian society decides status based on the earning capacity of a person.Govt decides status on emoluments of a person, so if we get lower pay and then pension we loose status. We should ask him to prove his point by examples.
Our being pyramidal structure, all the more reason for granting NFU to Def forces.
He making this statement becoz he personally not affected by NFU.
[5/7, 10:08]+91 98200 09347‬: Hasn't Gen Rawat spoken out of turn as he isn't the Chief of Chiefs of staff committee or whatever it's now called.? This man needs to told something by the senior most chief
[5/7, 10:20] : करो और खूब चापलूसी । Think, it is in our DNA.
‪Govt was not fool to give him out of turn promotion
How sad Army Chief making this statement our other two Chiefs should undo it
Rawat was carefully chosen for his "capabilities " that he is now showing. He is sure to get rewarded for screwing armed forces from within! Shameful behaviour!
Saddened with the statement of Army Chief.



 seems have never worked in Delhi. Desk officer is the most powerful clerk, I have seen many serving and retired Admirals getting their promotions with crates of Scotch smuggled from ships. They got promotions when they sank ships, sold fuel and ration. One RA and secretary finance were caught naked in Russia. Made to Admiral. Let us stop fooling our selves. Resign you


 if you care about your men. Got save us.

SOURCE mail from [exservicemen-INDIA]
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