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Based on the trust reposed on me to pursue the issues raised by Disabled War Veterans (India) during the period I continued as their President, by the General Body, I met with the Additional CGDA Shri Upendra Sah looking after Pensions
He has a great deal of knowledge in regards pensions and started his career in Hissar in the DPDO. Whilst raising issues in regards the Disabled War Veteran entitlements, he was aware of the special dispensation  to those invalided out of service, widows and other categories of veteran pensioners. This was a follow up meeting of mine after meeting Secretary (ESW), Jt Secretary (ESW), Additional Secretary (DoPPW) in regards progress of Veteran issues especially in regards OROP and the progress of the Judicial Commission report.
Earlier, I had informed you that the OROP report had been perused and sent to PCDA(P) for indicating financial implications. These according to the Additional CGDA have been sent to Def (Fin) a few days ago. So we now await the outcome.
Whilst indicating to him the issues of the pay structure given in PCDA(P) circular 555 in regards the Lt's, Capt's and Major's, and the service element of full service for those invalided out, he informed me that now, once necessary approvals are issued, the orders will be so amended.
He informed me of   according priority to ensure all efforts are made for correct pensions to be paid to all. Presently the problems are with many banks, reducing pensions, ordering recovery or not interpreting rules correctly. He noted the specific complaints, fortunately forwarded to me from time to time by Cdr Ravindra Pathak and assured me of proper attention to these. Steps would immediately be taken with these defaulting banks like Union Bank of India, Canara Bank, Bank of India Syndicate Bank etc and especially they having not only reduced pensions of some of their pensioners but also started recovery of amounts paid, contrary to orders. 
I informed him of the lax attitude of PCDA(P) in answering queries, taking time in preparation of DGL's and complex orders issued to banks ignoring the fact that the banks were not easily able to understand these. The ignorance of PCDA(P) on pensions both service element and disability entitlements especially for those invalided out in war. On this he expressed that necessary steps would be taken.
He assured me of stringent steps being taken to ensure proper PPO's being issued both Hard Copy and through E Mail wherever the E Mail of the Veteran Pensioner had been recorded, information of deposit by SMS where phone number recorded, and other steps ordered by government  to ensure timely and correct pensions to all to be completed by 2019.
On the whole, the attitude of the Additional CGDA was very positive and assured me of ensuring proper attitude and responses from all.
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